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If anyone else here feels like this week is just taking a littleeee too long to reach Friday, we have 11 super fun, super creative, and super art-ducational suggestions to make the days fly by like a breeze! Some of these kits impart seriously nifty art techniques that are useful even for older kids and adults, so don’t stop yourself from picking one out just because you’re ‘too old for it’! (P.S. You’re never too old for it.)

First time’s always the charm when there is no way to go wrong.

This two-step art activity requires users to first paint over the perforated ‘feather’ and ‘scales’ paper pieces, before proceeding to stick them onto the back of a frame to make up part of an animal in a bigger picture. The wilder the splash of colours, the bolder your picture; and this makes the entire activity so forgiving because there is simply no way to muck up. Paint spill? Accidental brushstrokes? Guess what? That’s all part of the plan. And besides, we found a super effortless trick to up your finesse if you’re into shades and ombres.

Before separating the perforated ‘feather’ and ‘scales’ paper pieces from one another, paint over the full sheet freely so that you can mix, layer, and blend colours however you wish across all the pieces. This will give you the consistency and flow needed for your feathers/scales to progress seamlessly from one colour to the next when you finally paste them on; creating a beautifully gradient piece that will build artistic confidence in any toddler. | Recommended Age: 3yrs & up

Felt is serious motivational flair. Not is it great for tactile exploration, the fabric’s fuzzy thickness also makes it easier for  little fingers to manipulate and is naturally more comforting to the touch, It’s the perfect sticker activity if your preschooler’s already getting bored of traditional foam mosaic stickers; not to mention more dynamic as it requires them to match shape for shape, as opposed to the cliche art-by-numbers method which has somehow lost its shine over the years from overuse.

Like all good sticker sets, this workshop develops manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination; and reinforces spatial thinking, patterning and creative thinking. | Recommended Age: 3yrs & up

Technically, the number one criteria you want for a craft made for a three-year-old is reusability. Which is why this winner trumps all in our line-up of toddler crafts this season.

Consisting of three jumbo animal cutouts measuring 26cm each, tots are encouraged to follow the squiggles, dashes, dots, and crosses faintly marked out on the cards… or even come up with their own creative details that aren’t outlined in the picture, as long as they are using the chalkboard markers included. Once done, all markings can be easily erased for a fresh round of doodling, which makes this the perfect penmanship practice, rainy day activity, dinner time distraction, or even just an oh-so-effortless distraction on the go. | Recommended Age: 3yrs & up

When we first came across this kit, we couldn’t stop laughing because it is honestly the most hilarious paper craft activity we have ever seen from Djeco. After we took a closer look, we realized it was probably also one of the niftiest.

Complete with enough materials to make 12 super cute characters with the wackiest hair, this kit also comes with a pair of child-safe scissors that is spring-loaded so that opening and closing becomes easier to maneuver. The scissors are also designed with a rounded plastic frame that covers the blade tip to prevent easy accidents.

Kids are guided to cut waves, straights, or even zig-zags, with guidance from the lines printed on each cutout. And we really love it because it’s a super fun scissor cutting activity that goes way beyond boring worksheets, with final works of art that our preschoolers can keep as a satisfying reward for a skill well practised. | Recommended Age: 3yrs & up

Another classic art technique that got a major upgrade this season? Standard stenciled painting.

Stenciled painting is a ridiculously easy way to add supersized hand-crafted style to any simple surface – and this kit’s sole purpose is to show you how in the simplest way possible. Because it’s essentially designed for kids as young as three, traditional stencils are replaced by lasercut masking tape that stays in place and eliminates any possibility of movement during the painting process.  Once the masking tape is laid over the area that requires stenciling, take the sponge brush and freely daub paint over. When dried, slowly remove the masking tape and… there you have it. A perfectly mastered skill displayed in a perfected mastered work of art. | Recommended Age: 3yrs & up

If your toddler is ready to progress from lacing beads and shapes to making label-worthy jewellery, consider one of these.

With more than 450 wooden beads and themed shapes in each box, your little fashion maker will be able to work up just enough necklaces and bracelets to go around her posse. (P.S. the beads in these sets are perfect for encouraging patterning and sequencing skills too, so don’t forget to throw in some cognitive development into this craft!)  life.  | Recommended Age: 4yrs & up

Into texture? We got you, boo.

This simple jewellery assembly kit comes with everything you need to design a hair clip, a necklace, and a bracelet – but the real draw is that you do it with a whole bunch of textural elements like feathers, tassels, pompoms, and even jingly bells – so you can be sure it’s definitely not your everyday run-of-the-mill jewellery making fun. It’s Style with a capital ‘S’, and your final works of art are things that will fit right in at any indie market. | Recommended Age: 6yrs & up

Sign up for this workshop if you’re all about making a scene.

This interesting craft kit makes a seriously fun play on carbon paper printing – simply layer the coloured carbon paper on top of the illustrated card (first yellow; then red; then blue; and then finally, green), and then use the pen included to shade over the instructed areas. Step by step, the respective colours gets transferred onto the main picture; and when you have worked through all four coloured carbon papers, you get a beautifully finished print! | Recommended Age: 6yrs & up

In case you think these felt brush painting kits are only about, well, painting, think again.

Featuring four beautifully illustrated quality stock cards in each kit, this workshop is specially designed to help young creatives gain the confidence, skills and understanding needed to execute intricate brush-colouring properly. The markers that come with this set are double-tipped – with a fine tip on one end and a felt brush on the other; and through the entire workshop, guidance is provided to understand in finer detail, which tip to choose under different circumstances; and how both ends can produce different outcomes on your picture even though they are of the exact same colour.

You’ll also get to experiment with fading out colours by using lighter shades over a dark one; or selecting the right tip to use for larger-scale, eye-catching areas (vs smaller, more refined areas)  – and through your own trial and error, learn to work with a combination of uniform strokes, light zigzags, parallel lines or even cross-hatching; all of which adds spectacular results to your final product.

These two sets also come with a special glitter pen to add the finishing touch to your works of art.  What can we say? Magic happens when we pay attention to the finer details. | Recommended Age: 7yrs & up

For the ones who are curious about weaving but haven’t gotten around to trying it just yet, bookmark this kit for your next purchase.

Wool weaving is such a beautiful way to add texture and volume to your fabric so it’s definitely a technique you want to keep under your belt. Plus, it turned out a lot less complicated we thought so that definitely knocked our fuzzy socks off.

Complete with step-by-step instructions, you will be guided to ‘create’ your own loom on the illustrated board such that all your weaving goes into decorating the picture; and when it’s all finished, you get a textural illustration that’s equal parts stunning as it is fuzzy. Definitely the kind of fluff you want in your life.  | Recommended Age: 8yrs & up

Even the most beautiful illustrations can benefit from a little personalization from you.

In this absolutely stunning craft kit that’s so magical we’re letting it round up today’s lot, artists mark out specific areas in the picture with the magic marker provided, then  paint over it as you would a normal space. Once the paint has dried, simply use the eraser (included in kit) to erase the lines drawn by the magic marker, and there you have it. The most intricate detailing on your paintings that will have people scratching their puzzled heads and wondering, ‘how did an eight-year-old child do that?

A truly inspiring water colouring workshop kit that not only changes the way you view art, but also shows serious budding artists an alternative shortcut to perfecting intricate patterning with watercolours. Who knew!  | Recommended Age: 8yrs & up


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