When February the 14th is fast approaching and only the best is good enough, what do you do?

Shop with Steiff, of course.

From the top quality materials used to its unparalleled craftsmanship to its 138-year history, Steiff is the proudest name in plush to have and to hold – and trust us, your loved one knows. So don’t say we didn’t tell you: these wow-worthy wonders won’t just cast you in a favourable light for the week or the month – but for a lifetime. So behold. 

Here’s a treat that twinkles!

If you’re looking for a bear to impress, Steiff’s Limited Edition Onyx Teddy Bear is just what you need. Crafted with luxurious black silk plush from top to toe, its paw pads are encrusted with genuine Swarovski elements; with a shimmery nose and mouth that are hand embroidered from silver Lurex yarn. A semi-precious Onyx stone hangs around its neck for further opulence – and for the final touch, a crystal replaces the traditional Steiff gold-plated button-in-ear to complete this pièce de résistance.

With only 1,500 piece available worldwide, this precious Steiff Teddy Bear perfects the coalition of luxury and plush; and is a gift from the heart that will speak volumes for the years that will follow.

Not an Onyx fan? Perhaps Ruby is what will make the heart skip.

Hailing from the same range of Swarovski Elements Teddy Bears that took the collectors’ world by storm when it was first introduced in 2013, this luxurious bear comes with the same Swarovski elements-encrusted paw pads and crystal button-in-ear as its friends; together with an exquisite Ruby necklace around her neck.

Like Onyx Teddy Bear, Ruby is as beautiful as it is rare; and is a romantic statement piece that will tug on all the right heartstrings.

For the Hello Kitty lover, this Sanrio x Steiff Limited Edition is everything.

This exquisite heirloom-quality version was released in 2014 to commemorate Hello’s Kitty’s 40th Anniversary; and was declared a North America Country Exclusive – which only makes it that much rarer and harder to get hold of.

Meticulously handcrafted from the finest Schulte mohair with embroidered accents; Hello Kitty’s body and arms bring in the character’s iconic medley of white, blue, yellow and red colours; finished off with her signature red bow perched on the top of her head.

Definitely not your garden-variety memorabilia – and trust us, your Hello Kitty enthusiast will know.

Visions of corduroy. Hints of glitz. Chloe Teddy Bear is a bear of wonders awaiting love from only the right kind of owner.

A rare piece from Steiff’s Selection range which features the use of untraditional luxury materials such as sequins, brocade, or even high-quality cotton, Chloe is handcrafted from dusky pink corduroy fabric, complete with a crystal necklace around her neck for a drop of glamour. Her jointed legs and hands allows her to stand, sit, and wave hello – but no matter what position she takes, the one she occupies in her owner’s heart is one that will be front and centre (after you, of course).

Another pink corduroy masterpiece graces this list in the form of this exquisite dachshund, complete with a crystal necklace around its neck for dazzling detail.

Like a love potion in the form of a canine plush, the huge endearing eyes on Romeo will melt hearts like none other; conjuring extra doses of warm fuzzies that your special somebody can keep with them at all times. If you ask us, this one’s definitely a dachshund with a difference – be warmed!

If your special somebody speaks fluent Disney, this sweetheart’s definitely the one for them. This Steiff x Disney collaboration commemorates the 75th anniversary of the film Bambi, which captured hearts worldwide when it was first released in 1942. Crafted from the finest Schulte mohair, Steiff’s Bambi is portrayed with an exact likeness to the original, complete with his iconic playful doe eyes; button nose; embroidered white spots; and a fluttery little friend resting right on top of his tail.

As far as symbolism goes, few surpass Bambi – which makes this the must-have of any love collection. The fabric of every great love story wrapped up in one fawn.

If your loved one loves Steiff, this classic masterpiece is one that will bring (the right kind of) tears to the eyes.

Crafted with a coat of luscious black mohair, the Black Bear On Wheels keeps up Steiff’s animal-on-wheels tradition as it rolls along on its traditional cast iron wheels, the first of which was introduced way back in 1892. Its predecessors include the donkey-on-wheels, lion-on-wheels, pig-on-wheels, dog-on-wheels, and many many more – and any true Steiff enthusiast will be quick to tell you just how priceless these ones can get over the decades.

Not that they will even think of cashing in on this, mind you – this is the most exquisite in plush to have, and no true Steiff connoisseur will ever bear to part with this in their life time.

This curious pair will call out to anyone who loves the Brothers Grimm – or anyone who just loves a fairy tale, simply. The first of Steiff’s brand new series of fairy tale interpretations, Little Red Riding Hood and the not-so-big-and-not-so-bad wolf appear here alongside each other as a harmonious duo – an unusual twist that will delight and charm fairy tale lovers over. Both characters are sewn from sumptuous alpaca fur for a delicate touch of whimsy, with Little Red Riding Hood all decked out in her signature red cloak and her picnic basket of goodies.

With just 750 pieces available worldwide, this fabulous twosome is an extremely rare and precious Limited Edition set – especially for the ones looking for something out of the traditional box. A wondrous way to get your quirk on!

Just because we’re old enough to adult doesn’t mean we can’t continue to indulge the child at heart.

Whether we kept this adorable little Dutch rabbit close to us via books, cartoons, or just plain merchandise, there is no denying the role she played in creating some really fond childhood memories for many of us growing up.

And for that very reason, Steiff’s Miffy makes for an excellent gift for a loved one. We’re talking perfect opportunities to reminisce and share our younger years with our special person; awesome conversations; and finding out brand new things about each other – even after all this time. You will soon realize that Steiff’s Miffy is not just a play thing, but a lifetime companion that will keep the old memories warm while creating new ones.

Anything Karl Lagerfeld touches turns into legend; and unsurprisingly, his Birman pet cat is of no exception.

Everyone, meet Choupette, the world’s most famous fashion cat that has since been immortalized with her very own luxury Steiff Limited Edition piece. Crafted from the softest and most beautiful white plush, this astoundingly life-like cat looks just like the real thing – and measuring in at a whopping 40cm, might just be mistaken for one too!

Complete with a magnetic synthetic leather black mouse, Choupette is the must-have lust-have for any ardent Lagerfeld follower looking to upspec their fashion game. And trust us, if you’re the one to gift this to them, there is no end to the pedestal on which they’re going to place you.


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