The Better Toy Store’s Better VIP Programme is open to anyone and everyone, in this world and beyond! Simply Spend $300 In A Single Receipt; or Accumulate $500 Worth of Receipts* – no time limit stipulated.

All VIP privileges apply immediately after the qualifying purchase(s).

* Please keep a copy of all qualifying receipts if you are intending to accumulate for eligibility. They can either be in their original form, an e-copy (if applicable), or a photographed copy of the original receipt.

You get 10% off storewide, both in-stores and online*. On top of that, you will also receive a whopping 20% discount off one purchase during your kids’ birthday months

During all sale & promotional periods, our Better VIPs also enjoy better tiered discounts – just ask around. They’ll know. 😉

* Better VIP discounts are Not Applicable on top of existing offers/promotions, unless otherwise stated.

Sure thing! Better VIPs are entitled to register up to a maximum of 4 children in their household under their membership account, in order to enjoy a one-time 20% discount during their kids’ birthday months. Should there be more than 4 little ones under your roof (yay, you!), please write in to: for an extension request. All requests are subject to the management’s approval upon verification of all respective children and their birth years. 

Here are some other important things you should note: 

  1. Each child will be entitled to a 20% Birthday Month discount until they reach the age of 12, from the 1st Birthday to the 12th Birthday inclusive.
  2. The 20% Birthday Month discount is valid for one-time use only, with no minimum or maximum spend required.
  3. For Better VIPs with more than one child in the same birthday month, the number of times the 20% discount can be used within the month will correspond accordingly.
  4. All Birthday Month Perks will be valid for use within the entire Month of the Birthday Only and no extensions will be entertained.
  5. Should The Better Toy Store suspect or detect duplicate registrations of the same child across different accounts based on prima facie evidence, we reserve the right to remove duplicate registrations or terminate all accounts associated with this act without prior notice.
  6. The Better Toy Store reserves the right, upon request for any additions or amendments to their children’s details, to seek verification in the form of an original copy of the child’s ID. Should any information supplied by the member be suspected to be inaccurate, false, misleading, or fraudulent at any point of time after registration based on prima facie evidence, the management reserves the right to legally terminate all accounts under the same household without prior notice

As it is not standard retail practice to collect personal details from every customer over the counter after a transaction is made, we regret that we will not be able to provide a record of past purchases made in-stores.

However, we are able to provide you with a record of your past purchases if you had previously ordered online. Simply drop us an email at: with the email address you used to checkout, and we will be able to get you what you need. 

Some things in life are priceless.

Our Better VIP membership is available exclusively by hitting a Minimum Spend only 😉 – you may refer to the first tab for more information if it missed your eye. 

Fret not, simply write in to us at:, and we’ll get it all sorted for you.

If you’re a fresh Better VIP (WELCOME ON BOARD! 🥳 ) or have never shopped online with us before, you will also have to write in at the email address above, so that we can link up your online account to your VIP privileges. 

Not if you keep coming back! Membership will be automatically renewed with at least 1 store or online purchase a year- no minimum spend required. (We just want to make sure that our member community is live and active.) 

Don’t worry if you miss the mark, simply get in touch with us at: within 12 months from the date of lapse, and we will be able to reinstate your account for you.*

* (Illustration: If you make a purchase on 1 January 2022, the account will be considered to have lapsed if a second purchase is not made by 1 January 2023. You then have until 1 January 2024 to contact us to reinstate your account.)

Of course! As long as you are able to hit the Minimum Spend required, you will be a Better VIP with us, both in-stores and online.

We’re glad you asked.

1. The Better VIP 10% discount is applicable on full-priced items only, and is not valid on discounted items, promotional offers, bundle deals, service fees (such as assembly and repair costs), shipping charges, and/or consignment brands. 

2. Membership will be automatically renewed with at least 1 store or online purchase a year, with no minimum spend required.

3. All member privileges are non-transferrable and shall be used solely by the registered member only.

4. The Better Toy Store reserves the right, at our sole discretion and without prejudice to any party, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms & Conditions by publishing updates and changes to our website and/or social media; without prior written notification to individual affected parties. It is the responsibility of the customer to check periodically for changes.

5. The Better Toy Store is entitled to suspend or terminate the rights to a membership at any time at our absolute discretion, without liability, notice or reason. The Better Toy Store is also entitled to refuse any request for reissuance, renewal or replacement of any membership under the following circumstances:

• The member abuses the Better VIP Members programme in any manner whatsoever in the opinion of The Better Toy Store;
• The member commits any fraud or misrepresents any information supplied; or
• The member defaults on the due observance and performance of any of these Terms of Use herein and such default (if capable of being remedied) is not remedied for a period of 30 days after The Better Toy Store has given written notice of such default.