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DJECO      |     4 years & up

In this exciting pyramid building game filled with lots of opportunities for strategizing and tactical planning, the only thing you need to do is make the right decisions as much as you possibly can!

Players race against each other to be the first to complete their pyramid game board, by taking turns to roll the 6 dice. The colours shown on each die determine what coloured blocks they can add to their game board every round - but wait, things aren't that simple. Each round requires you to make the critical decision of either cementing your existing blocks (such that you will not risk losing any of them moving forward in the game) or to continue throwing the dice and taking as many building blocks as you can (but risk losing all your blocks if you run into a dead end) - so it's basically trading security for efficiency. Which will you choose, and how will you maintain an ideal balance to come out tops in this boisterous building game?

Click here for full game instructions in English.

• Strategic reasoning
• Tactical planning
• Decision-making
• Impulse control
• Adaptive functioning skills
• Family/group bonding

An excellent decision-making game that builds confidence and maturity; as well as controls impulsive behavior. Parents and caretakers may even utilise the opportunity to witness how their children evaluate options, and understand their thought processes with better clarity. Don't forget to refer to our last two pictures on the slider above for full instructions!

Set includes: 4 game boards, 6 dice, 84 building pieces, set of instructions.

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Dimension Approx. 30 x 4 x 27 x cm
Age 4 YEARS & UP
Brand Djeco
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