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DJECO      |     8 years & up

Labyrintix is all about visual tracking with speed, so sit up and sit tight because you will need to have nothing short of perfect coordination between your eyes, mind, and hand to come out tops of this one!

All cards are placed face down in a deck and the 4 coloured totems are arranged such that they are able to fit a card within their perimeter.

Players take turns turning over a card and placing them face-up in between the 4 totems. Simultaneously, all players then visually follow the 'invisible' path with their eyes starting with the red arrow on the card, until they reach the end, which is also known as the 'exit'. Whoever is first to spot this exit and grab the correct totem situated at the exit's border wins the card... and whoever collects the most cards at the end wins the game! (Refer to our last two pictures on the slider above for full instructions!)

• Visual tracking
• Observation
• Speed
• Eye-hand coordination
• Visual-spatial intelligence
• Group/family bonding

An excellently designed game that develops visual processing through play, honing oculomotor control abilities, visual fixation, saccadic eye movement, smooth pursuit eye movements, and visual spatial attention at the same time. A highly recommended manipulative for children dealing with frequent misalignment in reading and writing.

2 - 4 players | Set includes: 32 cards, 4 totems

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