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HABA Germany      |     6 years & up

Time to summon the tribe, so open those ears and give the chief your full attention!

Players take turns acting as chief, whose role is to mentally pick any card on the table and translate the depicted motifs into a rhythm sequence using the tambourine drum and hand swatter. While this is happening, all other players simultaneously try to identify just which card the chief is trying to replicate!

It’s a serious work of concentration and observation, not to mention having a good ear for rhythm that will really put you ahead of the rest in this game! (Click here for full game instructions in English [Page 9].)

• Sense of rhythm
• Active listening
• Pattern recognition
• Memory
• Abstract thinking
• Impulse control
• Adaptive thinking skills
• Group/family bonding

Chief Boom Pat-a-bang is a FEX Effect game, which is a range of games specially designed by HABA to develop Executive Functions and support the three essential foundations for learning success: Impulse control; Working Memory; and Flexible Thinking.

As such, the rules to Chief Boom Pat-a-bang consist of several variations with differing complexities; changing the sequence of the game and at times requiring a completely opposite action to what is depicted.

3 - 5 players | Set includes: 1 tambourine, 27 drum cards (showing 6 picture motifs), 4 shaman cards, 1 skunk card, 5 swatting hands, 1 set of game instructions

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Age 6 YEARS & UP
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