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DJECO      |     8 years & up

It's like colouring with lipstick - discover Djeco's high-quality pastel gel crayons that feels so unbelievably smooth to use that it can be effortlessly layered, blended, smudged, or even mixed with other colours for an amazing end effect.

This multi-dimensional gel pastels workshop is specially structured to teach the optimal application of this extremely wonderful art medium in order to achieve the most beautiful results. Comes with an assortment of press-outs to be superimposed on 4 different backgrounds for completion. Budding artists use the wonder gel pastel crayons provided to colour, blend, and add texture to the canvas; and are even taught the crucial technique of using a small scraping tool to add meticulous touches of detailing to your masterpiece! |

• Creativity and self-expression
• Attention to detail
• Non-verbal communication
• Critical water colouring techniques like colour smudging, layering, blending, texturing, and mixing
• Cognitive abilities
• Patience and focus
• Confidence and self-esteem

Workshop designed by French artist and illustrator Vanessa Hié. Comes with an instruction booklet that provides detailed step-by-step guidance from start to finish.

Set includes: 4 illustrated sheets (backgrounds), assortment of press-out shapes and animals, 12 gel pastel crayons, 1 scraping tool, 1 glue stick, 1 instruction booklet

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Dimension Approx. 30 x 4 x 23 cm (packaging)
Age 8 YEARS & UP
Brand Djeco
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