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DJECO      |     7 years & up

When we play with tangrams, we consider shapes from a variety of angles and perspectives. How would the shapes look if we stuck them together? Rotated them? Slid them around into different positions? This translates to acute problem-solving and logical thinking skills, perceptual reasoning, visual-spatial intelligence, creative and mathematical thinking, amongst a whole host of other benefits that continue to aid cognitive development even in later years.

In this advanced game of Tangrams, kids have to recreate the pictures shown on the challenge card, with no guiding outlines for assistance. A tad too much? Don't worry, this game doubles up as an excellent manipulative to start younger ones on geometry and fractions; develop an introductory understanding of how geometric shapes can be decomposed; hone spatial rotation skills and grasp the concept of congruence; and develop positive feelings about geometry before it is introduced to them as an academic subject.

• Mathematical thinking and arithmetic performance
• Problem solving
• Logical reasoning
• Visual-spatial intelligence
• Creative thinking
• Self-confidence
• Overall cognitive development
• STEM learning*

*STEM learning takes on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. It plants the seed for learning through inquiry and exploration; integrating the four subjects into one cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

Set includes: 125 picture cards, assorted tangram pieces

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