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HEUTINK      |     4 years & up

The cat’s not exactly away, but even then, the mouse has come out to play!

In this exciting game of adding and subtracting, kids race against each other to be the first to fill their playing cards – but wait! From time to time, the mouse peeks out and steals your cheese; and the only to way ensure you don’t get kicked out of the game is to seek the help of our trusty old black cat!

Taking on one of the most challenging concepts in early learning, Help Kitty Help lends a visual approach to basic arithmetic, helping to facilitate understanding, creativity, and higher-level thinking in the field of mathematics - a wonderfully designed teaching aid that can take on anything from simple counting to more challenging subtraction sums!

The game rules are simple: to be the first to collect 10 pieces of cheese on your playing card. Players take turns spinning the wheel and depending on where the pointer rests, fills up their card with the corresponding number of cheese pieces.

But… things are not always that smooth-sailing. If the pointer lands on a mouse, the player has to take a mouse tile and place it on his card – and then throw the blue die to determine how many pieces of cheese to remove from his playing card! Yikes! (Click here for full game instructions in English.)

• Early numeracy
• One-to-one correspondence
• Basic arithmetic
• Attention and focus
• Group/family bonding

2 - 4 players | Set includes: board game with spinning pointer, 4 playing cards, 40 yellow wooden pieces of cheese, 1 die (with dots 1-3), 12 mouse tiles

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Age 4 YEARS & UP
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