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DJECO      |     3 years & up

It's time to listen and observe! If those budding ears and eyes are working together quick enough, they'll be able to spot all the right animals in the picture in no time!

Designed around the concept of active listening, Tacto Loto provides an excellent framework for learning through visual and auditory observation; and helps develop critical communication skills that are imperative for independent learning - especially in the later years.

Start by describing the character on your tile in as much detail as possible - use as many descriptive words as you can because that is all the hint your little one is going to get in his quest to spot the right animal in the picture scene. Is it a dog, or perhaps a mouse? What is it wearing? Does it have glasses? What is it currently doing?

The more detailed you are, the more words your little one picks up - don't forget to utilize vocabulary from early concepts such as colours, numbers, prepositions, or even action verbs. Better yet, reverse roles when you feel your little one is ready, and get them to be the 'describer' instead. Encourage them to put into practice words that they know, and guide them to identify and provide the right kind of information back to you that makes sense to the objective of the game.

• Visual perceptual skills
• Active listening
• Language skills
• Guided observation
• Critical thinking
• Attention and focus

With Djeco’s Eduludo series, kids can now learn basic concepts and skills through sessions of fun and play. Designed for toddlers and ranging from basic concepts such as colours, numbers, alphabets, and shapes, to more advanced skill sets involving memory, observation, association, logical reasoning and even active listening; this wonderful collection of games livens up traditional routes of learning, and transform your child’s first steps of education into a more delightful and interactive activity.

Set includes: 3 picture scene cards, 18 character tokens, set of instructions.

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