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  • Learning through Sand Play

    Children have been intrigued by sand for many generations. A fundamental part of the ground in the same way that dirt or clay is, and a primary source of play for centuries. Before the advent of the toys and electronics of today’s society, children were forced to find creative methods to play with outdoor materials, and one of these ‘materials’ is sand. Like playing with water, it is soothing and entertaining for them- and even adults can occasionally be caught running their fingers and toes through sand and enjoying its texture.

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  • The Educational Greatness of Board Games

    Board games are life, learning and laughter packaged in a little box. Whether the game is one of chance or strategy, memory or speed, life lessons and social skills come into play with the mere throw of the dice. But are there any real educational benefits behind this boisterous past time?

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  • The Importance of Pretend Play in Child Development

    Where in this world can you find firemen, doctors, zookeepers, astronauts, movie stars, and chefs, all working alongside one another in harmony and delight?In a single room of make believe, of course.

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  • Going Green – Environmentally Friendly Toys Are Better

    You’re probably careful about avoiding choking hazards and other common safety issues with toys, but did you know there is still a wide variety of synthetic chemicals and other heavy metals that could be embedded in them without your knowing? From lead and cadmium in paint, plastics, and jewelry to xylene, toluene, and phthalates in play cosmetics – you’d be surprised at how much of a toxic minefield toys can be if you don’t choose and research carefully beforehand.

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  • Managing Kids With Autism – It’s Okay to Play

    Children engage in play for a whole multitude of reasons – learning, exercise, mental and emotional stimulation, or just pure entertainment – and it really isn’t any different for kids with developmental delays. They learn and explore the world through sensory, exploratory, and imaginative play – but just not always in the way that we might expect.

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  • Dishing Out On The Better Dinnerware

    It is often said that dinnerware manifests the artistic outlook of a homemaker, and those conscious about their home and hospitality enjoy making a statement with their variety of choice dinnerware whenever they welcome guests at home. But with the proliferation of options available in today’s fast-growing marketplace, how do you determine what’s safe for your family, and what’s not?

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  • Revised Operating Hours – Annual Stock Take

    Just some slight changes to our operating hours this 31st December...

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  • The Better Toy Store Wishes All A Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, one and all!

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  • One Day to Christmas: Schylling Mini Red Piano!

    Still short of a couple of presents for the older kids?

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